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HOST Teen Conduct of Conduct

Good Conduct in Dress

  1. Our dress should reflect kindness towards others.  Anything that would be perceived as offensive is off limits.  “In-your-face” type of dress should be avoided.  Clothing worn in public is not exclusively for the ease and comfort of the wearer. 
  2. Slogans or logos should not contain any words, phrases, or images that are crude, vulgar, or offensive.
  3. Underwear should not be visible at any time.
  4. Modest dress is required.  Clothing should not be tight or revealing.  At no time should your midriff be visible.  
  5. Clothing should fit appropriately and be in good repair.

Good Conduct in Behavior

  1. Exhibit prompt obedience to those in authority.
  2. Show kindness and gentleness to others.
  3. Use good manners at all times; i.e., put others first.
  4. Physical contact between members of the opposite sex should be limited to only that which would be appropriate between siblings.  No public displays of affection.  
  5. Show respect for the property of others; i.e., HANDS OFF if it doesn’t belong to you.
  6. Alcohol, cigarettes, vaping, and other drugs/controlled substances are illegal, inappropriate and not allowed.  

Good Conduct in Speech (Including Electronic Communications)

  1. Speak respectfully to those in authority.
  2. Disrespectful speech about any teen leader or parent helper at any time will not be tolerated!
  3. Respond to correction promptly and appropriately.
  4. No coarse jesting or filthy talk.  No profanity, including what some may consider milder forms of profanity, will be allowed!  Anything that is perceived by others to be offensive should be avoided.
  5. Exhibit kindness in speech towards others: no put-downs or insults.  (Matthew 7:12)
  6. Cell phone use should be limited to keeping in touch with parents.  Extended phone activity should not occur during teen activities.  

Consequences for Conduct Violations

  1. First Warning: Teen will be corrected and encouraged to exhibit proper conduct.  Teen will be reminded of consequences for further violations.  If violation is severe parents will be informed.
  2. Second Warning:  Teen will be corrected.  Parents will be informed of the situation and consequences for further violations.
  3. Final Warning:  Teen will be removed from the event, and parents will be informed about the violation.  Teen may or may not be allowed to attend future events when accompanied by a parent after discussion by the appropriate leadership.